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WOPA co-working space is much more than an office. Our spaces are modern and designed to facilitate creative and innovative work. And you get to enjoy all the common facilities for free! Co-working spaces are the perfect combination of a home office, professional working space and coffee shop. You get the best of all worlds. You can still enjoy flexible hours and an independent schedule but you combine those with good coffee, social business contacts and a designated working space.

WOPA Co-working spaces allow members to experience accelerated serendipity – pleasantly surprising, WOPA provides various common spaces for you to use as you like it. With 16 stories and 1350 employees, you can be sure that we have just the right space for you . A great working space is one that helps you realize our passion and combine that with business growth. We want to accommodate our members as much as possible. By providing an agile environment that support every way you need to work, with as much or as little interaction with other members as you need.

With a combination of private rooms in various sizes, desktops to rent in open space and the common facilities that include meeting rooms, meetup tribune, lounging areas, dining room and cafeteria, an auditorium for conferences and a large balcony for events, we support all your business needs, so that you need not leave our facility and you can be sure that you can conduct your business in an environment that is just what you need.

We invite you to enjoy a unique co-working space at WOPA. For more information click here

meetup patio
Open Spaces & Designated Offices
conference room and auditorium
Dairy Cafeteria
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